Simple Ways to Brighten Your Morning

You know the feeling; your alarm clock goes off and that flicker of panic sets in. You have to face another stressful day, and who knows what could happen? You finally drag yourself out of bed, only to be feeling groggy and restless. You lack motivation and just want to snuggle right back under your covers and avoid everyone and everything. I know this feeling all too well, and I figured that it was about time I started making some changes. Not anything too complicated because as an avid night owl, there’s only so much I can handle trying to do in the morning. I’ve decided to share some simple yet effective ways to start your day right.

  • Stretch! This is probably the easiest thing you can do when you’re waking up. Simply stretching in the morning has so many benefits; it helps give you energy for the day, increases blood flow for attentiveness, and eases any muscle aches you may have.
  • Make your bed! It’s an uncomplicated way to be more productive, diminish your stress, and feel more organized for the rest of the day. Once you do it enough, it will most likely become a regular habit.
  • Coffee! I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.
The lovely Flint Crepe Company (Great coffee to go with your delicious crepe)

The lovely Flint Crepe Company (Great coffee to go with your delicious crepe)

  • Music! Put on an upbeat song to instantly improve your mood. Music is therapeutic, and this unmistakably comforts me when I’m not feeling up to par in the morning.
  • Sticky notes! Writing positive messages on colorful Post-it notes is a fun and inspiring way to begin your day with a smile. I like to put them on the mirror the night before so I can read them while I’m getting ready in the morning. Try writing encouraging quotes, creative goals to strive for throughout the day, or even just a message that simply celebrates YOU.
  • Calling all dog owners! Personally, my dogs always brighten my day no matter what. Nothing beats waking up to big smiles, wagging tails, and slobbery kisses. In the morning, I like to give my dogs a big hug and then let them outside for a bathroom break. The instantaneous fresh air is an added benefit.
parker and jessie

My beautiful dogs

  • Drink water! Water is a little harder for me to drink in the morning. For some reason, I have no trouble downing that first cup of deliciously strong coffee, but I can hardly stand taking a single sip of water. However, research has indicated that drinking water first thing in the morning prevents dehydration, speeds up your metabolism, and clears out toxins. So I try to persevere through it.
  • Most importantly, do something you love! Whether it is painting, writing, reading, watching television or a movie, running, or whatever, do it in the morning. You’ll have something to look forward to. This is about you, and you’re allowed to be selfish. Beginning your morning by doing something you love will be certain to brighten the remainder of your day.
Beautiful Flushing Park during the fall season

Flushing Park during the gorgeous fall season

What’s your morning ritual?


12 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Brighten Your Morning

  1. Adam

    Now this is a great post! I too seriously dislike mornings 😦 and too often dread what the day might bring. Awesome tips. I try to do Sun salutations when I wake up (when I’m not in a lazy mood) coffee I drink by the gallon 🙂 fab

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