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5 Environmental Matters You Should Be Aware Of – And How You Can Help

We face an abundance of environmental problems. However, many people have acknowledged them with forms of denial: “Global warming isn’t real! The weather changes all the time!” Even Rupert Murdoch, the man who bought National Geographic, has expressed his skepticism towards climate change. This is pretty scary, considering National Geographic has been a resilient voice for these issues throughout the years. This could impact the future of the content of National Geographic because Murdoch will have more authority over science grants in the United States. As critical thinkers and consumers of news and media, bias is a very important thing to be aware of. This is because information can be misleading and facts can be left out. You need to get both sides of a story or topic to fully understand it and form your own opinion. What is happening in the world? What steps are others taking, and how can we help?

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