Buzzfeed Unsolved: Where Anyone Can Be A Detective

By Reyna Hurand

This article was previously published on ing Magazine is Michigan State University’s student-run publication covering life, arts, entertainment and more.

O.J. Simpson. Lizzie Borden. The Zodiac. Bigfoot. Aliens. Demons. Ghosts.

These are just a few cases and phenomena that have one frustrating commonality: They remain unsolved to this day.

Whether we’re dealing with the possibility of the supernatural or looking into true crime, some of the most iconic unsolved cases of our time continue to haunt us. From in-depth documentaries to conspiracy theories hidden in the dark web, we are still consumed by these mysteries. And when new details of cases emerge every so often, we can’t help but formulate more questions: Who did it? Is it real? Will it ever be solved?

Buzzfeed Unsolved asks these very questions. The popular YouTube series takes you through several cases involving supernatural conspiracy theories and true crime stories. The seasons have covered mysteries such as the exorcism of Anneliese Michel, murders of the Zodiac Killer, spirits of the Whaley House, the Salem Witch Trials, Amelia Earhart’s vanishing, the murder of JonBenét Ramsey and many more. In one episode, Buzzfeed Unsolved hosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara  stay the night in Queen Mary, a ship rumored to be filled with spirits. In another episode, they wander the haunted halls of Waverly Hills Hospital.

The chemistry between Shane and Ryan is undeniable; the contrast between their personalities makes the series increasingly entertaining and provides comedic relief when the content gets extremely dark. We have Shane, the sarcastic skeptic and Ryan, believer of ghosts and all things paranormal; you can only imagine the kind of commentary you’re going to get as a result.


Along with its comedic elements, Buzzfeed Unsolved is a gripping series that really gets you thinking. At the end of each episode, Shane and Ryan introduce several possible theories for each incident including official police reports, statements from family members of the victims and other crazy theories that are a bit harder to believe.

The series is also interactive, providing a chance for viewers to share their own thoughts and even suggest ideas for future episodes. So if you’re a sucker for mysteries, get your popcorn ready and settle down to watch Buzzfeed Unsolved. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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